BMW Oil Change

BMW Oil Change

Your engine contains many parts moving in close quarters. To reduce the buildup of potentially damaging friction and heat, oil lubricates these intricately woven components, which maintains the performance and efficiency of your engine.

Eventually, motor oil breaks down and loses its capacity to lubricate your engine, hence the need for regular oil changes.

How Often Should I Change The Oil In My BMW?

Generally, you should change the oil and oil filter in your BMW every 10,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever comes first. Exact oil change intervals will vary depending on your model. Review your owner’s manual for your specific oil change interval.

Fortunately, modern BMW vehicles come equipped with electronic sensors to alert you it is time for an oil change.

In older models, you should check your oil levels every so often to avoid missing a required oil change.

How Do I Check The Oil In My BMW?

To check the oil level, first, park your BMW on level ground. The engine should be cold, so oil changes are best performed before driving. Then:

  • Pull the dipstick from the oil compartment under the hood.
  • Wipe the dipstick clean of any oil.
  • Reinsert the dipstick into the oil compartment.
  • Again, pull the dipstick from the oil compartment.
  • Check to see where the oil line resides. If it falls below the minimum recommended level, it is time for an oil change.

Visit Athens BMW For A Quick BMW Oil Change

When it is time to take your BMW in for an oil change, you can trust that the BMW Master Technicians at our Athens service center have you covered. We will make sure to top off your BMW with the high-grade oil as well as replace the oil filter it needs to run for the miles to come.

To save time, we recommend scheduling your visit in advance through our BMW service appointment form.

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For more information on BMW oil changes, please reach out to us at Athens BMW.